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Electrolysis has been around since 1875 when Dr. Charles E. Michel reported his  findings  to the medical profession about being able to remove  ingrown eyelashes by inserting a needle charged with negative galvanic current into the hair follicle. In 1923 Dr. Bordier of Paris, France wrote the first article on the use of high frequency current for the removal of hair. This method using high frequency is called thermolysis  in which a current produces heat to destroy the papilla.

In thermolysis a needle is used to conduct the electrical current. The needle is inserted      into the hair follicle down to the papilla and the current is applied. This will destroy the papilla so it will not create new cells and produce a new hair.

There are three stages of hair growth:                                                                                                                                Anagen- this is the first phase of the new cycle, hair starts in the middle of the follicle and grows not only upward but also downward which becomes the papilla.

Catagen- After a certain period of constant growth the papilla suddenly separates and withdraws from the matrix and the hair begins to rise, it is still rooted to the follicle.

Telogen- This stage the hair is sitting on the upper portion of the follicle and waits to be stimulated to begin a new cycle.  A new hair will start to form which will push the old hair out.

With the above said that is why it is so important to keep to regular scheduled appointments, if the hair is being treated is in the Anagen stage this will result in positive results. Hair that is being treated in the Telogen stage can prolong treatments for years. 

Lastly hair growth is fluenced by:                                                                                      Nutrition and Hormones                                                                                         Health                                                                                                                                  Seasons of the year