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Shaving or Depilatories

Hair Growth is not increased by cutting, shaving or using depilatories.  These do not cause hair to grow quicker, thicker, longer or darker and has not permanetn effect on hair growth.


Pulls the hair out of the follicle which will make the hair grow stronger becomes darker and coarser.


This is really mass tweezing.  On face this will lead to many problems especially on areas that never existed before.  FIne hairs can be stimulated to grow deeper and coarser.


This method uses light that is attracted to the melanin in the hair (dark color).  The perfect scenario would be light skin and dark hair.  Since it is attracted to the dark hairs you must shave the area completely because any hair left on the skin would burn the skin.  This is only a reduction of hair removal and cannot call itself permanent.  Usually very expensive and needs more than 6 treatments to reduce hair. Laser is not effective on blond or white hair.


This is the only permanent hair removal method on the market today.  It uses a needle to conduct the current.  It destroys the blood supply to the papilla and hair comes in finer until it is gone. See secion under Electrolysis.